Neogrün modelling clays Yuki in yellow, green, red and blue colours, with box
Neogrün modelling clays Yuki in yellow, green, red and blue in box

Natural Clay 4 Pack "Yuki" (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue)

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Neogrün Easy Clays are are made from natural renewable raw materials and plant pigments. The clays are extra-soft and elastic that allows not only modeling, but also squeezing, imprinting, stamping and spreading on paper to create 3D-pictures.

After some hours in the air, the clay begins to dry, yet keeps the initial shape and glossiness after drying. This way, your creations can be preserved for the family gallery or further painted with Neogrün finger paints.

The Easy Clays come in two sets. Yuki has Red, Yellow, Green and Blue colours. Loki has Pink, Purple, Orange and Green. 

Neogrün finger paints and clays are the first certified natural and vegan product in this category.

Small traces pigment from the clay should be removable from textiles with a standard wash cycle and from other surfaces with soapy water and a sponge. 

Avoid storing paints in direct sunlight when not in use, to preserve the brightness of the vegetable dyes.

Made in Germany

Children under 3 years should be supervised by an adult.