Collection of blocks beside box of Just Blocks Big Pack of 336 wooden blocks
City made from Just Blocks
Camp site made from Just Blocks
Airport made from Just Blocks
Castle with drawbridge made from Just Blocks
Dragon made from Just Blocks
Parking garage made from Just Blocks
Tall tower made from Just Blocks
Just Blocks Big Pack packaging box

Big Pack of 336 Wooden Blocks

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Just Blocks are wooden blocks with a difference. Made from sustainable, untreated wood, the block set includes large and medium flat planks, small "stick" pieces and regular square blocks. Together there is endless possibilities of what can be built; from an airport to a princess castle, a robot or a zoo. 

Building with blocks is wonderful for children's development. They practice their hand-eye coordination and motor skills and when working with others social and communication skills.  They are a perfect way to learn cause and effect, problem solving, self control, patience and resilience (tumbling towers are a part of the experience)

Made in Poland from beech wood that isn't chemically treated with oils, paints or preservatives. 

Pack contains 336 blocks :

152 basic cube blocks

100 stick blocks

56 large flat blocks

28 medium flat blocks