bioblo Fun Box pack of 200 blocks
Smiling girl building bird with bioblo blocks
Collection of bioblo blocks on the floor
Girl and boy knocking over tower of bioblo blocks
House made from bioblo blocks
Six cubes of different colours made from bioblo blocks
Spiralling tower made from bioblo blocks

200 Piece Building Blocks Set

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The possibilities are endless and imaginations will be inspired to create with this bright coloured block set from BioBlo. Building is developmentally beneficial to children as they develop skills such as spacial awareness, problem solving, fine and gross motor skills, creative thinking and of course perseverance when a creation takes a tumble or doesn't work out as they'd hoped.  

The blocks are super strong, washable in soapy water, and will not fade thanks to the colour pigmentation being added during the injection molding process. 

The "Multi-Mix" box contains 200 Bioblos in 10 colours (20 blocks each in red, yellow, green, blue, orange, pink, violet, black, white and beige)j and an inspiration booklet. Pieces are 12 x 2.4 x 0.8 cm in size. 

The composition of the blocks is unique, they are made from:
55% raw materials which are 10% chalk and 45% wood chips from PEFC sustainably sourced forest.
42% is from recycled plastic. Upcycling the humble plastic cup into new life as a Bioblo block
3% ecologically harmless pigmentation
The blocks contain no harmful substances such as plasticisers, BPA, PVC

Austrian brand BioBlo have the blocks made in Croatia.