Set of 11 Numbers With Counting Balls
Wissner wooden numbers lying on table with red recycled plastic balls
Number two standing upright with red balls in background
Girl playing with Wissner wooden numbers and placing red recycled balls into the numbers
Wissner wooden numbers one to ten lying down with red recycled balls in the number grooves

Set of 11 Numbers With Counting Balls

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This set of 11 numbers from 1-10 has a diverse way to be used. Each number has a central groove with directional arrows for finger writing practice. The included 60 balls made from recycled plastic can be used to count the same quantity as the number. Combining multiple numbers together can become an addition or subtraction exercise. 

Made in Germany from RE-Wood® which is a material made from 80% PEFC certified wood waste chips and 20% from a natural binding agent. It is 100% recyclable, carbon neutral, and free of pollutants. 
Packed in cardboard box with instructions.