Hands of child doing Stuka Puka puzzle
Stuka Puka wooden puzzle of leaves from forest trees on table
Child doing Stuka Puka What has fallen from the tree? wooden puzzle on desk
Girl holding puzzle piece of tree leaves in front of her face whilst sitting on chair with puzzle on table in front of her
Pencil rubbing sketch of tree leaves from Stuka Puka puzzle
Child doing pencil rubbing of tree leaves from Stuka Puka wooden puzzle
Child pointing to Stuka Puka puzzle matching pencil rubbing of tree seed to puzzle piece

What Has Fallen From The Tree? Puzzle


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Discover all about forest trees with this two tiered wooden puzzle from Stuka Puka that features eight different trees' leaves, seeds and names. The top layer is the leaf and underneath the seed, with the tree name beside. The leaves and seeds can be brought to life by using them as a stamp for pencil rubbing to create the image on paper (see pictures for example).

Includes 24 puzzle elements plus the base frame and a cover for easy storage
Made in Poland
Dimensions : 26 x 49 cm and 5mm thick
Wood is finished with a colourless, odourless varnish that's safe for children