Neogrün natural finger paint Aki set of four with red, green, yellow and blue colours, with packaging box
Neogrün finger paint Aki cardboard packaging box
Neogrün natural finger paints Aki set of four in blue, yellow, red and green colours, in a line
Neogrün natural finger paints Aki in blue, yellow, red and green in open cardboard packaging box

Natural Finger Paint 4 Pack "Aki" (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)

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Children love to discover the world of colour, and finger painting is a wonderful undirected method for children to explore using (most) of their senses.

That is why Neogrün finger paints are designed with the needs of children in mind. Neogrün finger paints are lovely to feel, have a thick consistency and are based on natural eco-friendly raw materials and use only refined mineral and plant pigments. 

Neogrün finger paints and clays are the first certified natural and vegan product in this category.

The Aki set of four paints includes Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. Also available is the Luka set which includes Pink, Yellow, Purple and Green. 

The finger paint is suitable for paper, cardboard, glass, stone and many other surfaces. Of course, the finger paint can also be used with a brush, sponge or stamp. The finger paint is pleasant to use, can be diluted and mixes well with each other.

Wet paint is easily removed with a sponge on most non-absorbent surfaces. After drying, a light stain may remain on natural white fabric.
We therefore recommend protecting valuable surfaces from direct contact with the finger paint.

Avoid storing paints in direct light when not in use, to preserve the brightness of the vegetable dyes.

Made in Germany

Children under 3 years should be supervised by an adult.