Wissner pattern blocks in pile beside cardboard packaging box and some pieces placed into patterns
Hand placing shapes onto pattern booklet images of flowers
Close up of Wissner pattern blocks
Wissner pattern blocks placed into three different compositions of a hexagon
Different shapes in Wissner pattern blocks set
Wissner pattern block booklet

Pattern Block Set

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With this 250 piece set you can form many patterns and pictures. Patterning and sequence creation are a first step in mathematical skills and an excellent way to build a solid foundation for future mathematics learning.
Comes with a paper booklet with 25 outline images and the number of each shape needed to solve the image and a solution on the reverse. 

This set contains:

  • 25 yellow hexagons
  • 25 orange squares
  • 50 red trapezes
  • 50 green triangles
  • 50 blue parallelograms
  • 50 beige rhombuses

Dimensions: e
dge length 2.5cm, thickness is 0.5cm. 

Made from RE-Wood® (80% PEFC certified wood waste chips and 20% natural binding agent). It is 100% recyclable, carbon neutral, and free of pollutants.

Suitable for children from the age of 3

Made in Germany