Stackable Numbers 34 Piece Colour Set
Two girls stacking Wissner tower numbers
Open packaging box of Wissner colour stackable numbers
Wissner colour wooden stackable numbers 34 piece box

Stackable Numbers 34 Piece Colour Set

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This set of stackable numbers from Wissner is a playful way for children to visually learn number recognition and basic addition and subtraction. The height of the number is representative of it's value (1cm per value), for example a two and a four will equal the height of six. They're also just fun to stack and build with, the more play with the numbers the quicker they'll learn them. 

Set consists of 34 digits: 12 x 1 (red), 7 x 2 (green), 4 x 3 (pink), 4 x 4 (yellow), 2 x 5 (light blue), 1 x 6 (purple), 1 x 7 (white), 1 x 8 (brown), 1 x 9 (blue), 1 x 10 (gold). You are able to create the value ten x 10. 
Ideal for ages 3+

Made in Germany from RE-Wood® which is a material made from 80% PEFC certified wood waste chips and 20% from a natural binding agent. It is 100% recyclable, carbon neutral, and free of pollutants. 
Packed in cardboard box with instructions.