Enviromental statement

Windpark photo by Florian Pircher
We endeavour to create no environmental impact through our operations.
This means : 
  • We use solar and wind electricity from the Netherlands to power our office and warehouse.

  • Our packaging materials are all made from recycled materials, are recyclable and made in Europe.

  • Our logistics partner PostNL is committed to being a sustainable logistics company and are investing towards this; you can see details of their progress here.

  • Products are made and sold in Europe to avoid heavily polluting cargo shipping.

  • Wooden products are made of FSC or PEFC certified European forest.

  • Our ecommerce platform, which uses the Google Cloud data centers, are run by 100% renewable energy (they achieve this by purchasing enough renewable energy to match the consumption for all operations globally).

We carefully choose to partner with brands who are passionate about a sustainable future. These brands responsibly source their materials, and are environmentally conscious during their manufacturing processes.